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Precast segments

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the competent institutional committee, the 1st Section of the High Council of LLPP Public Works (the highest Italian authority for public works) expressed a favorable vote for  issuing  the “Technical Assessment Certificate” for permanent  use of polymeric matrix bars and stirrups to be utilized  for concrete reinforcement of tunnel segments

Download here the certificate



Whenever with TBM excavations it is necessary a subsequent demolition or removal of the precasted segments , it becomes very convenient to utilize, in place of the metal reinforcements, GRP ones that can be easily be cut or demolished with standard equipment.

Typical Applications:

Segmentss to be removed to create fire protection niches;

Realization of bypass openings to access the adjacent tunnel or to realize escape routs or venting tunnels;

Tunnel widening;

Full crosswalks for Metro Stations;

Inferior segments for TBM “free” advancement

ATP is now capable to produce special Arched closed stirrups RWB-Skelt, so  making it possible to realize new applications, once not available for GRP composites

ATP is capable to supply at no charge for Design Engineers and for Clients sufficient support for preliminary dimensioning for the mentioned applications.



Segment reinforcement

Laboratory test

Russia research institute for fire protection R120 certification 2016

Bending test on precast tunnel 2014

Point load test on precast tunnel segment with fiberglass reinforcement - Roma university Tor Vergata 2014

Test on precast tunnel segments with traditional and fiberglass reinforcement - Roma university tor Vergata 2013

International Congress , Conference and Publication

GFRP reinforcement in TBM excavated Milan M4 tunnels - The Italian Art of Tunneling 2016 SIG April 2016

Precast tunnel segments reinforced with fiber glass bars - AFTES  LYON October 2014

Fiberglass Reinforcement for Precast Tunnel Segments - 1ST Concrerte Innovation Conference - CIC - OSLO 2014