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About Us

ATP represents one of the largest pultrusion firms in Europe.

ATP is a privately owned firm, with solid finances, technically advanced, and with ambitious marketing and process development programs.

Activity in the area of composites started as far as 1968.

In the second half of the seventies the at the time very modern technology of filament winding was introduced for the production of medium, large and very large size tanks for foodstuffs and for chemicals.

Between 1985 and 1990 other innovative production technologies were introduced: RTM, pre-forming, vacuum injection.

In 1985 was also born a joint venture with PIRELLI Group for the introduction of a very new, for Europe, technology to produce industrially composite manufacts: the “PULTRUSION”, the only continuous process for the transformation of thermoset, fiber reinforced, materials into highly technological products for structural applications. This new technological production was started in a relatively small facility, later dedicated to R&D.

To-day ATP operates 14 Pultrusion production lines, often with multiple streams, 24 hours per day, with three shifts of operators; most of the production and in-line automatic post-working equipment have been designed and realized by ATP’s R&D technical staff.