Piles and Diaphragms
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During excavation with TBM Shaft and Station Walls need to be gone through.

GRP reinforcement of the walls will allow  demolition of the piles without stopping the advancement of the TBM or , in case of traditional excavation, will eliminate necessity of manual intervening which would slow down the operation and put at risk the operators.

ATP is capable to design and produce any type of GRP reinforcement for pile cages or diaphragms.

ATP’s contribution may start right at the beginning of the job design, at which time, if requested by the design engineer or by the entity requesting the job, ATP can supply in very short time and for free a preliminary dimensioning of the job.

Unique specific characteristic of reinforcements supplied by ATP are represented by the stirrups and by the rings for shear reinforcements which are produced with a proprietary technology in “one piece”, without overlapping or joints of any type.


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Assemblage du stiffening plate de raidissement

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