Fiberglass net GWN/FRP
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The GWN/FRP nets are GFRP “integral” nets, where by integral it is meant that, differently from any other similar product on the market, where the net is manufactured by assembling longitudinal and transverse rods with a secondary, not much reliable operation, ATP nets are produced continuously by special production equipment; the result is a better, stronger and more reliable tie where the bars cross.

Our GFRP nets are electrically non-conductive, they are “radio transparent” and consequently will not interfere with radio or radar signals, they are corrosion resistant even to strong stray-currents, they do not need grounding. They are also very flexible and lightweight.

GWN/FRP nets are utilized in place of metallic welded  nets in cases where they have to be subsequently demolished .


Brochure rete GWN

Brochure rete GWN it