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Civil Engineering
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Even in the field of civil engineering, the use of composite materials can lead to significant benefits in the execution of the work.

In new buildings, especially in the presence of aggressive environments, the use of composites a sreinforcement for concrete, can greatly increase the durability of the work.

The composites are not subject to degradation due salty environment close to the sea or caused by the use of de-icing salts in areas with cold climate.

In some situations it is also important to exploit the full nonmagnetic and radiotransparency of composites, for example in the realization of local for medical equipment or for the reinforcement of concrete in presence of electromagnetic sensors.

Composites are also used  in restoring damaged structures or for structural upgrading of the same.

Due to their extreme lightness and strength, the works are very quick and minimally invasive.

For example, it is often possible to repair a damaged overpass without interruption of underlying traffic.

ATP has a complete range of products, both for new construction and for recovery-restoration of existing structures.


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