GFRP Micro-Piles
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GRP concrete structures with GRP reinforcement in place of Steel reinforcement is successfully utilized whenever the structure must have e temporary utilization and must be later demolished  partially or totally to create some opening in the global structure.

The advantage offered by the utilization of GRP reinforcements is given by the peculiar properties of the “pultruded” composites: they are extremely resistand in the axis direction, but very weak , and therefore easy to cut in the transverse direction.

Besides, for controls of provisional structures, it is possible to overlook both the examination of widening of micro-cracks – which instead are very important for long term applications, since eventual increase of crack in the short term will not cause any safety problems for the total structure.

The GRP reinforced structures can be utilized to build temporary walls to contain soils , walls that later must be broken to allow a rapid advancement of the excavation.

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