FRP Ground anchor
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 In the achievement of tunnel entrances pole bulkheads or diaphragm walls are built , they are anchored to soil by means of steel ground anchor.

During the excavation, some of these anchors involved in the excavation section will have to be subsequently removed or demolished.

In these cases, the use of steel is highly discouraged because of the safety problems and the high costs for demolition and removal.

 our RWB-star Anchor may be stressed before the full grouting, so holding the bulkheads deformation.

It is made of 8 star-shaped GFRP profiles, so as to maximize the anchor bond with the grouting mix.


Technical information sheet SI1707 RWB Star-anchor-35

Fiches d'information SI1709 RWB Star-anchor-35

Nota informativa SI1710 ancoraggio temporaneo RWB Star-anchor-35